The Fencing Co can turn your dream garden into a reality. Our professional team are experienced in a range of projects including turfing, patios and driveways. We can assist you in developing your ideas, project management and installing the final project to achieve your ideal layout. 


Our Landscaping Services include:

  • Patios 
  • Paths 
  • Walls 
  • Fencing 
  • Lawns (Natural and Synthetic)
  • Planting (Trees, Flowers etc)
  • Play areas

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Why Choose Us For Landscaping

Landscaping refers to the process of modifying or enhancing the physical features of outdoor spaces, such as gardens, yards, parks, and public areas. Landscaping can include various elements, such as planting trees, shrubs, and flowers, installing hardscape features like patios, walkways, and retaining walls, and adding decorative elements like sculptures, fountains, and lighting. A well-designed landscape can increase the curb appeal and value of a property, improve air and water quality, and provide recreational and aesthetic benefits to the community. Landscaping can be done by professional landscapers or as a DIY project, and it requires careful planning, knowledge of plant species, and proper maintenance to ensure the best results.

Our Landscaping Services

How Fencing Works

Planning & Preparation

Setting The Posts

Installing The Rails & Panels

Finishing Touches

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