Anti Climb Hoarding

The Fencing Co can offer you a great way to conceal building works to increase security and protect the public from any site hazards. Timber hoardings can withstand huge pressure and are only removable with machinery to improve peace of mind. Our anti-climb hoarding has additional features to prevent trespassers from scaling.

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Why Choose Us For Anti Climb Hoarding

Our anti-climb fencing is commonly used as a short term solution to site security and quick installation. Sites are potentially hazardous and may need an extra safety feature to prevent public harm. Our anti-climb paint leaves the hoarding slippery and marks clothing. We also ensure aesthetics are maintained with straight lines in paint. The team at The Fencing Co can ensure your building sites, derelict buildings and construction sites are safe and secure.

How Fencing Works

Planning & Preparation

Setting The Posts

Installing The Rails & Panels

Finishing Touches

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